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During this audio you will discover:

  • The 3 secrets to ditching your guilt and why it´s so necessary for an incredible quality of life.
  • Why being selfish is actually the NUMBER 1 ingredient that you need to really be there for your children and those that you care about.
  • The true meaning of guilt which will free you up to make better choices for yourself and kids.
  • How to switch off when you get home so that you leave your work in your office!

We created an audio for you so that you can take this anywhere and listen to it while you are on the move, at home or even in bed! Totally versatile!

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  • “I used to feel like I was drowning. My to-do list was never-ending, and there was never enough time, even when I was working until 2 am most nights. Overwhelm left me in a state of paralysis much of the time which hugely impacted my productivity and my enjoyment of life. Any fun was put on the back-burner as was quality time with my family. Now even when I have a lot on my plate I breeze through. I prioritise my self-care, ensure that I have plenty of time for play and indulge in the things that light me up BEFORE I hit my to-do list. Life feels more effortless and joyful. ”

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Marina Pearson is a mother to her son Leo, international best selling author and international speaker. She has been invited to speak on TEDEX and Awesomeness Fest. Her work has been included on ITV This Morning, SKY TV, Marie Claire, Glamour and The Daily Mail but to name a few media appearances and regularly writes for the Huffington Post.

Going from suicidal episodes, a divorce, an eating disorder to addictions including working over 16 hour days, she has managed to transform the way she sees the world and now works 4 days a week, getting better results.

She now works and supports women and mums in business to step off the hidden hamster wheel that they are on (a lot of the time they describe it as feeling overwhelmed or frazzled) and help them claim back their freedom by slowing down and listening to their innate wisdom.

By doing this they end up creating more time, making more money and living guilt free. As they go through this process they realize that the business and clients had actually been running them. But as they take ownership, they start to call the shots and make decisions that are right for them.